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Reviews about Life Is a 4-Letter Word

"David Levy has nailed what it means to glean all the greatness out of life's masterful lessons. Laugh along with him, as I did, while drinking in these warm-hearted anecdotal stories that will help you keep life in perspective."

–Kristine Carlson, co-author (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff books)

“Professor David Levy’s book is insightful, profound, funny, and thoroughly original. Meaning in life is everywhere, he reminds us, and whether it changes us profoundly or sails right over our heads, it’s nice to know it’s there."

–Lewis Colick, screenwriter (October Sky and Ghosts of Mississippi

“David Levy’s warm, funny and wise reflections on his life’s journey offers both comfort and hard-won advice for readers looking to improve their own lives.” 

–Dennis Palumbo, therapist, screenwriter (My Favorite Year), and author (Daniel Rinaldi Mysteries)


"Levy has masterfully gleaned wisdom of the ages and packed them into bite-sized and thoroughly enjoyable morsels of literary delight.”

–Tom Greening, Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology


"Dr. Levy's brilliant, touching, and humorous collection of stories showcases his well-honed, multi-faceted skills as a storyteller, educator, and psychologist. Readers will delight at the relatable snapshots of people, relationships, and events and find wonderful treasures of expertly distilled learning points embedded within." 

–Judy Ho, clinical and forensic neuropsychologist and author (Stop Self-Sabotage)

“A tour de force of wisdom nestled in a pithy, enjoyable and profound package.” 

–Louis Cozolino, author (Why Therapy Works and Timeless)


“Meticulously crafted, these engaging, funny, and often moving vignettes perfectly set up the brief but potent shots of distilled wisdom that follow.”

–Drew Erhardt, psychologist, co-developer of the Moodnotes and MoodKit apps


“This is a very special book that I predict will find thousands of eager readers. The stories combine David Levy’s wonderful sense of humor with insights and wisdom about life. It is well written and a kick to read!”

–David N. Elkins, psychologist and author (The Human Elements of Psychotherapy)


“Life is short. You can either suffer the pitfalls of life’s lessons on your own – or you can learn those lessons by reading Dr. Levy’s sharp-witted and insightful book.” 

–Marilee Bradford, Producing Director, The Film Music Society


“Chicken soup, with a few dashes of Tabasco, and laced with scintillating humor.” 

–Eric Shiraev, cultural psychologist, George Mason University

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